The Next Marketing: To Healthcare Professionals

The Next Marketing: To Healthcare Professionals

di Harshit Jain MD (Autore)
Lingua: Inglese


The marketing landscape for life sciences companies to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs) has transformed with the rise in digital point-of-care (POC) platforms.

Preparing marketers and publishers for the next way to effectively reach clinicians, entrepreneur and former physician, Harshit Jain MD examines the virtual POC marketing ecosystem and shares his marketing acumen with businesses to optimize communication initiatives to prescribers.

The book aims to equip organizations with strategies to efficiently facilitate digital messages to clinicians within POC channels. It delves into POC best practices, learnings, advancements, and tactics to lay a foundation of meaningful communication campaigns and offerings, cultivating a digital environment that supports HCPs to achieve optimal health outcomes for their patients.